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Modern Forces US Trip 2008: Pt 2 The Gear Shots
A visit with honoury member Paul W Miraldi

Here we have some rare Contact Gloves, used for EOD and Demo team membersto not create static but used as gloves by some RT teams. You can also see an M14 "toepopper" Mine, a Colt .25 "last stand" weapon, Browning Hi-power, V40 mini-grenades and an Olympus Pen EE-2 Camera.

I was lucky enough to find myself in California recently and I took the chance to visit our honorary member Paul W Miraldi. He showed me round his war-room featuring some amazing original SOG items. It has inspired me to get my own mannequin. This is the second of two pages, this one concentrating on equipment and the first on Uniforms.

Thanks againfor the hospitality Paul!!!

An example of the typical equipment carried by a SOG RT team member. The items from the first picture can be seen laid out on a CISO poncho liner. In addition to these items we have (left to right) First row: Notebook, SOI and KAC Code books, Pens and Pencils, Snaplink and Survival Saw in plastic case. Second row we have Amphetimine tablets, watcha nd compass, Pen flaress and launcher, Signal Mirror, Strobe light, Pen Light and Compass. Third Row we have M16 30 rd mag, No-Doze and pill set, XM166 Mini-smokes, map in waterpoof cse, bandgae and M34 Smoke. Everything is sitting on a CISO Sleeping Bag.

Close up of the Code Books, Pencils, Skill Craft Pens, Snap Links and Demo Knife.

Nice in-country made black SOG boonie

RT Team picture (I think RT-Habu) showing the team relaxing wearing jeans and Coral Shoes etc. Also a nice "Fuck Communism" patch.

The black boonie showed before to reveal Tiger Stripe lining

Close up of the Strobe light, Pilots Pen Light, Compass and Waterproofed map

A selection of embroidered Green Berets, Note Books and a camo beret.

SOG black boonie in quite a coarse material

A shot of a CISO manufactured magazine pouch, in this case holding 30rd AK mags.

AN0PVS 2 Starlight Scope with rubberised canvas carrying case.

Close up of webbing set up, of interest are the wire arial pouch (AT 984A) for the PRC 25 radio attached to the canteen and the A7A Strap on the belt.

A rope coil belonging to SFC Grant Bollenbach. a SOG veteran

Montagnard tribal garment with Special Forces embroidery

The wire flexible arial for the PRC 25 to give extended range, this would hung in a tree etc. This is what is housed in the pouch described above.

Stabo bridal (the bit that goes betwen the STABO harness and the rope) and the 127ft of rope used to carrry 3 strings.

"Swedish K" need I say more....