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SOG Veteran: Bill Kendall: CCC Kontum, SOG 1968-69

SOG veteran Bill Kendall did two tours with SOG coming back in 1968 to run recon from CCC at Kontum in Central Vietnam.


Our latest interview is a special one, Bill Kendall was with SOG in the early days, from 1964 to 1965 and then did another tour at CCC in 1968. This was a great period of change for SOG with the change over from CIA management to being run by the Army. The early years had a focus on agent insertion into North Vietnam and less on cross border reconnaissances into Laos and Cambodia. Bill has also allowed us access to his photo album, this time its Comand & Control Central (CCC) in Kontum near Pleiku in Central Vietnam.

Bill Kendall: Interview
SOG 1964-1965: House 10 and Agent Insertion
SOG 1968-1969: CCC, Kontum and running recon
Bill Kendall Album: Graduation pictures and current photos