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Modern Forces US Trip 2009:
A visit with honoury member Owen Thornton AKA Kammo-Man



The Man Himself...

The Modern Forces team (well Paul Bishop) had the pleasure of meeting up with Owen Thornton (AKA Kammo-Man) in LA this Autumn, the hospitality was flowing and we had a full tour of the war room. I will let the pictures do the talking as this is one of the most impressive collections I have ever seen. Owen has one of the worlds best collections of Tiger Stripe!

A general view of the room, there are 23 mannequins in total...

WW2 British Tanker in the camouflage version of the "Pixie" Suit, a '37 pattern map case and the tankers version of teh Webly Holster.

A pilot grouping with rare USMC issue Flak Vest, this grouping (with Tigerstripe jumpsuit) came from a pilot who was also a pilot on Marine One the Presidents helicopter.

Two USMC mannequins showing the reversible 2 piece camouflage uniform used in the Pacific.

Green doment ERDL jacket showing late war SOG modifications such as bllod group and allergies name tapes, this was found in a rag mill...

Rare Tigerstripe uniform cut in the same pattern as the US Jungle fatigues

Fully badged mint Tigerstripe shirt, a rare find in any condition!

One of my favourite items is this brass door knocker with Special Forces crest. Classic!

Early war Beogam uniforms, notice the brass knuckles...

Another view of the badged Tigerstripe shirt and cap (or cover) made in the USMC pattern

A US badged ARVN "Invisible ERDL" uniform, with matching cap.

Not my area of expertise but interesting camouflage non teh less, this is an SS pattern peas tunic and trousers. All original!

Close up detail of the "Invisible ERDLS" showing the pencil pocket under the arm

US Army camouflage worn on D-Day by 2nd Armoured Division but withdrawn due to similarities with German uniforms and fear of friendly fire incidents

Ultra-rare 1st pattern Tigerstripe unifrom, there are only a few known examples of this pattern in the world, you can see the link between this and the French Lizard Pattern.

Tropical Pattern Jungle boots designed to replace the WW2 jungle boots and introduced in 1945, worn during the "advisory period"