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War & Peace 2010: RT New York: Running Heavy, 1971

A photo-shoot depicting a late war RT running heavy



As SOG missions strated to get compromised with every insertion (due to a mole in Saigon) teams begin to run missions expecting contact, this was known as Running Heavy. The best exempler of this was RT New York under Ed Wolcoff (whos pre-mission rallying cry was "We are going on a bloodfest")

Key features of a Heavy team included:

  • Under Ed Wolcoff the team size was increased to 12 people with 4 Americans.
  • A lot of firepower, the team would typically have 4 CAR-15/M203 combinations, 2 RPD's, a 60mm morter and up to 2 RPG-7s. A lot of firepower for a 12 man team.
  • Fatigues sprayed with green and brown, alongside the regular black spraying. This was a feature that SOG veteran John Good pointed out to us.
  • Some teams such as RT Virginia were armed and outfitted in full NVA gear to confuse the enemy on contact


Photo courtesy of Cochise Raiders