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War & Peace 2010: SOG Through the Ages, 1965-72

A photo-shoot depicting SOG Teams from 1965 through to 1972 during the Vietnam War



SOG had a long involvement in the Vietnam War from 1965 through to 1972 so we thought a photo-shoot depicting the different equipment used during this period would be interesting. From left to right we have.

  • Back Row:
  • The first impression covers our Navy Seal, there were 8 Seals that ran recon with SOG and a larger number were attached to the maritime Division conducting raids on Northern Vietnam in Nasty Boats. maritime operations were known as OPS-31 with Ground recon being called OPS-35.
  • The second impression is one from circa 1965 and shows a Tigerstripe uniform, Sterile Swedish K SMG and the use of the CISO ammunition pouch and the CISO Rucksack.
  • The third figure represents a HALO team of 1971/72 and as such carries some of the eqipment used by these teams such as an UZI smg, Modified sprayed Jungle fatigues, Tropical rucksack and STABO rig. SOG were the first unit to use HALO as a means of combat insertion.
  • The fourth figure shows almost the classic SOG equipment circa 1968/69 including; sprayed jungle fatigues, STABO extraction harness, canteens used as ammo pouches, modfied boonie and CAR-15.
  • The fifth figure represents John St Martin of RT New York who modified his equipment in a very unique way, it was all arranged so he didn't have to carry a rucksack and is centered around a BAR belt held up with M56 suspenders. The weapon is the CAR-15 again. A detailed view can be seen here.
  • Front Row:
  • This impression covers a typical SOG base uniform with the RT Montana team patch on the right breast and the SCU patch of the left side with the Special Forces SSI and Airborne arc on the left Sleeve. Headgear is the Green Beret and 5th Special Forces flash.
  • The second figure represents Frank Greco of RT Colorado circa 1969, who often sported a rather dashing mustache, is seen in black dyed fatigues. WW2 leggings and is using a cut-down RPD. This was a Chicom weapon used by SOG by cutting the barrel down by about 10 inches.



Waiting for the insertion boat