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War & Peace 2010: SEAL Team 2, 1971

A photo-shoot depicting US Navy Seal Team 2 during the Vietnam War



We did another Navy SEAL photo-shoot at this years War & Peace show, this time the whole team got involved. SEAL missions were typically shorter than a SOG mission, often being an overnight ambush, hence the amount of equipment carried was lighter with an emphasis on ammunition. A few things elements of equipment stand out as being different to US issue or used equipment.

  • The variety of uniforms worn, Tiger Stripe, ERDLS, Levi Big "E" jeans, Snap Vest and a modified SEAL float coat (the genuine item in poplin ERDL)
  • The wide use of weapons used from a Stoner LMG through to a Remington Shotgun (an actual Vietnam bringback)
  • The Montagnard emroidered headband with the lettering Viet "Nam" War, an example can be seen of pictures of Navy SEAL Daryl Young


The team prepare for the upcoming mission, a raid on a suspected enemy weapons cache

Waiting for the insertion boat

Using the river for cover the team approach the weapons cache

The weapons cache destroyed the team make their way to the extraction site