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War & Peace 2010: SOG HALO: 1971

A photo-shoot showing a SOG HALO team member being rigged for a combat jump



As SOG missions started to get comprised with every insertion (due to a mole in Saigon) teams begin to explore different methods of getting on the ground. One of these was HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) parachuting and Colonel Dan Schungel, Melvin Hill and Bill Waugh were the driving force behind it being adopted by SOG for the first combat use in any armed force in the world.

This series of photos show a team member being rigged for a jump:

  • The main chute is a Para Commander model that was used instead of the regular US issue chute as it was more maneuverable, the T10 reserve chute was the standard issue model
  • The rucksack is rigged to the jumper using the H-harness and lowering line, the jumper pulls on the yellow straps and this releases the ruck to drop down attached to the lowering line
  • An altimeter was attached to the reserve chute to determine when to release the main chute.
  • UZI SMG's were used on later drops, also used was a removable silencer
  • Note how all pouches and pockets are taped to prevent opening during the drop



Waiting for the insertion boat