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War & Peace 2008:
SOG Photoshoot With Rolling Thunder

Aged photo of the recon team at the Rolling Thunder base. photo by Jean-Luc Delauve

These are the first photos I did with the team from Rolling Thunder, recreating a SOG recon team at the War & Peace show. More photos will follow.

We popped some smoke and were making for the extraction site. Photo by Stuart Gould Photography

Me checking some marking on the Ho Chi Minh trail (Kent Section)

war & peace 2007
Back at base after the mission, just need the cans of Bud

war & peace 2007
The team

"RT Rolling Thunder" Joe, "French John and Myself

My kit layout at War & Peace, showing the XM177, my STABO webbing, a Welrod "silent pistol", NVA Pith Helmet and Tropical Rucksack.