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SOG Veteran: Larry Trimble: MACV-SOG CCN- 3rd Pattern "Blacks" and Jungle Boots

RT Rattler & RT Asp veteran Larry Trimbles set of dyed fatigues



This dyed black jungle uniform, know as "blacks" owned by CCN veteran Larry Trimble. This uniform was specifically made for a cross-border prisoner snatch operation with RT Asp. The team was to infil into Laos at dusk, set up next to a predetermined trail, where a marked NVA soldier was to be travelling on. That night the jungle floor was glowing with florescent algae showing each team members outline. This spooked Larry and he never wore the uniform again. The safety pin in the top pocket was used to secure sensitive items.

Larry Trimble (code named Gambler) served three tours in Vietnam; his first was in 1965 with the 101st Airborne. He returned in 1968 where he assigned to Command & Control North and volunteered for Recon Company serving with RT Rattler and RT Asp. He returned for a third tour in 1971 and was asigned to ITG/FANK.

Courtesy of Guy at Brightlight Military Antiques and the Beau Brummel Collection