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SOG Veteran: Jim Jones-Shorten: MACV-SOG CCC 1969-71 - Modified SOG Black Boonie




This modified and embroidered Boonie belonged to Jim Jones Shorten (code name Wild Carrot) who ran with RT Delaware and features in Jason Hardy's noted SOG book series (Volume VIII). The Boonie follows the pattern of other embroidered boonies with similar stitch patterns and features an orange signal panel in the inside. This one stands out for the addition of a SOG bomb burst patch to the top of the hat.

In Jims own words "I joined the US Navy in 1964. After training I served at Naval Air Station, Litchfield Park, just outside of Phoenix, Arizona. After a year there I was sent to the USS Arlington AGMR2 for pre commissioning of the ship. The time went on so I served on Yard Tug boat's in Norfolk, Virginia, then I served for a couple of month's on the USS Denebola AF56 (Refrigeration ship) When I returned to Norfolk I decided to put in for Vietnam and was sent to DaNang, Vietnam.

After 22 month's I was discharged and then joined the US Army, Special Forces. I went through Basic infantry, then advanced infantry (graduated as the honor student) then I went to jump school in Ft. Benning, Georgia. Then up to Ft. Bragg for Special Forces training. I asked to go back to Vietnam and did. I was sent to A-502, 5th SFGp Abn, out of NaTrang, Vietnam. I was the NCOIC of a CIDG camp 554, Sui Dou. Then after after 6 month's or so, the camp closed down so I went to SOA-CCC (MACV-SOG) I was 1-1 of Rt. Delaware for one mission then became the 1-0 (team leader) I ran 7 mission's (4 linear recon and 3 brightlight missions) in Laos or Cambodia. After my 7th mission I was asked if I wanted to go to SOA-B53 and teach Special Op's mission's. I said ok and went to B-53 for an additional 6 month's. Then I was discharged and came home and joined the 12th SFGpAbn (reserves). In 1978 I did a cross service transfer to the 129th ARRS, USAF Pararescue.

I left the Army as an E-8 and dropped to E-6 in the USAF. After completing Pararescue school, I was a PJ. I was a rescue, parachuting paramedic for the first 3 launches of the Space Shuttle (STS-1, 2 and 3) also for the Mt. St. Helens Volcano eruption. President Carter and Senator Ted Kennedy. Also did 2 parachute rescue mission's for ship's at sea and a few hoist mission's. After an injury parachuting, I was medically discharged from the service. I had 20 year in service so I got out and went to college to become a Doctor (Radiologist) I did this for 20 years and now I hunt, sell and collect meteorite's."

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Sourced via Jason Hardy at Dogtag Militaria