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SOG Veteran: MSG Charles M. Franks - CCN RT North Carolina- CISO NVA Rucksack




These Counter Insurgency Support Office (CISO) Manufactured copiy of an NVA Rucksack were owned by Charles M. Franks. The Counter Insurgency Support Office, run by Ben Baker, manufactured a number of items for SOG use from full copies of NVA uniforms through to sterile uniforms and equipment for cross border missions.

In August 1971 Charles M. Franks returned to Vietnam for his second tour. He was assigned to MAC V SOG (Military Assistance Command Vietnam, Studies and Observations Group), Task Force 1 Advisory Element (CCN). He joined Recon Team North Carolina and took the 1-1 (One-One) position with Raymond Robinson the 1-0 (One-Zero). He later held the Team Leader position where he remained until April 1972. During his period in Recon Company, he acquired this CISO (Counter Insurgency Support Office) copy of the North Vietnamese Army Rucksack.

Picture of the veteran Charles Franks (Recon Team North Carolina / CCN) holding the Rucksack in November 2011 and also some photos of him in-country.

Sourced from www.museodevietnam.com via Jason Hardy at Dogtag Militaria