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SOG Veteran: SGT Robert A. Bradow: CCN/TF1AE: Team Patched Jungle Jacket




A patched jungle jacket owned by SGT Robert A. Bradow. In January 1971 Robert Bradow volunteered for MACV SOG and was asigned to Command & Control North (CCN)/Task Force 1 Advisory Element (TF1AE). After graduation from the reconnaissance Team Leaders Coarse (1-0 school) located at Camp Long Thanh (B-53) he joined Recon Team Connecticut. Bradow took the 1-2 position with Robert Twichell the 1-1 and Andre Smith the 1-0. He later held the Assistant Team Leader position where he remained to later in 1971.

The jungle shirt is patched for the period after Special Forces officially left Vietnam and when the black ball cap was the headgear mandated. Two photographs below feature Bradow wearing the jacket in-country, one with a black ball cap.

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Originally sourced via Jason Hardy