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Major Thomas Dolighan:
Named uniform of CCN SOG Veteran


Uniform named to SOG veteran Major Thomas Dolighan. CPT (as he was at the time) Thomas Dolighan was the S-2 for camp B-4630 in Thailand from 10/1966 to 09/1967, making him part of the original 46th Special Forces Group. Later he was the S-4 for the CLD (Command Liason Detachment) in Saigon from 10/1967 to 03/1968. Then Dolighan was the S-4 at FOB-3 from 03/1968 to 09/1968. His tour at FOB-3 was interrupted when he was seriously wounded in the early morning of 08/23/68 at CCN headquarters, when over one hundred Viet Cong sappers penetrated the compound and killed 15 Special Forces NCOs and Officers, and 16 Chinese Nung mercenaries, Montagnards, and South Vietnamese Special Forces personnel.

CPT Dolighan also did a tour at B-55 (5th Mobile Strike Force) in Nha Trang, but exact the dates are unknown at this time.

The uniform is a classic example of a late war uniform and shows the Special Forces SI on the right side, with a Ranger tab on the left side. The US Army and nametapes are of the printed variety and the SI is the earlier narrow subduded version. The trousers have been tailored and show signs of Thai craftsmenship. I also have his CISO black pajamas that appear unworn (these are at the bottom of this page). The Major star is also a later addition and you can see where a Captains bars have been removed.

Content courtesy Rallypoint Militaria

Distinctive Thai style stiching on tailored trousers