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Robert Van Hall Badged 2nd Pattern jungle Shirt



A 2nd pattern jungle jacket belonging to SOG (OP-35) Staff Sergeant Robert Van Hall. Full colour insignia is used throughout apart from the branch of service and name tapes. The name tape is of the subdued stamped variety. The insignia includes Vietnamese parachute qualification wings, CIB, US wings and Ranger tab. The changes from the first pattern jungle jacket are the covered buttons; everything else including the internal gas flap and shoulder straps and waist adjusters is the same. The name and branch of service tapes are sewn parallel to the top of the chest pockets as per regulation. The other chest insignia are then centred on these tapes and are thus partially obscured by the open collar. A way of a avoiding this was to place the other awards at the extreme outer edge of the chest tapes.

Photos courtesy of the Hall Collection.