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George "Sonny" Hoffman: 1-2 RT Montana
Named uniform of CCC SOG Veteran


Uniform named to SOG veteran George "Sonny" Hoffman III (Codename Crazy Horse), included is a badged Jungle Jacket and his Army Blue unifom. George was the 1-2 of RT Montana from Oct 1970 through to April 1971.

He entered the U.S. Army on June 23, 1968; took basic training at Fort Ord, CA; Advanced Infantry Training at Fort Gordon, GA (Sep '68-Nov '68); Jump School at Fort Benning, GA (Nov '68-Dec '68). Special Forces Training at Fort Bragg, NC--Dec '68- Sep '69.

Vietnam Service:
Sep '69-Mar '70--Detachment A-502 5th SFGA Mar
'70-Sep '70--5th SFGA Political Warfare Band
Oct '70-Apr '71--MACV SOG SOA CCC RT Montana

Discharged Apr 15, 1971. Apr '71-Apr '74--Worked in construction and served in active reserves with 12th SFG. Returned to active duty on Apr 1, 1974, assigned to 25th Inf Div, Hawaii. Apr '74-June '77--25th Infantry Division, Hawaii. June 22, '77--Medically Discharged and Retired as Staff Sergeant.

Some of George's writing can be found here.