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CCN RT Viper Sprayed and Modfied Fatigues



I purchased this jacket from noted SOG collector Paul W. Miraldi, it was found over 15 years ago bundled up in a rag mill with the modifications you see here and the boonie stuffed in the pocket. So while its cant be proved that this is a genue SOG piece it must be noted that this was found in this condition, in a rag mill before most people knew SOG existed...

The 3rd pattern ripstop jacket has been sprayed in quite an elaberate "S" pattern and has had some earlier non-ripstop poplin pockets added to the sleeves.

The rear of the jacket shows the RT VIPER name sprayed in the center, this was only done in Recon teams in CCN after 1971. You can also see that a cotton bandoleer has been sewn to the bottom of the jacket for extra mag carrying capacity.

The trousers are again 3rd pattern rip-stop material with an elaborate spray pattern.

The rear of the trousers show wear a fillet of material has been added to turn the Small Regular trousers into a medium size.

The boonie is a regular rip-stop US Issue boonie with the brim cut down and with spray painting to match the jacket and trousers, my research shows that modified issue boonies started to be used later in the war.