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SOG Covey Rider "In-Country" Survival Vest



This is another purchase from noted SOG collector Paul W. Miraldi, it is an in-country produced survival vest used by a Covey Rider during recon missions.

The Covey Rider was a member of SOG and a veteran of numerous Prairie Fire missions. He acted as liaison with the team on the ground and assisted the FAC in a variety of ways; the FAC and Rider quickly formed a complementary team. The Prairie Fire teams came to depend on the FAC for his ingenuity, composure, and when necessary, sheer determination. The SOG historian John L Plaster served as a Covey Rider.

At the rear of the vest you can see a fake leather holster for a.38 Special.

Below is a picture of the vest with contents that Paul Miraldi send me (as he used to own the vest)