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Across The Fence: The Secret War In Vietnam - Expanded Edition:
John S. Meyer:
Classic book republised with new photos and content.


RT Idaho 1-0 has re-released his classic book AcrossThe Fence, long out of print the new book features 100 new pages and 50 pages of photographs.

Here's an excerpt from Chap. 10

"One of the NVA in the creek started crawling up the embankment toward me. I was still facing the creek. The NVA soldier was good; he only moved when the wind stirred the trees... As the NVA soldier crawled closer, I remember thinking that my heart was beating so damned loud that Ho Chi Minh could hear it in Hanoi... my heart sounded like a kettledrum during Beethoven's Ninth. No matter, the NVA soldier kept moving up the embankment. I was very impressed with his stealth. I could barely hear him. Then it happened. During one windy moment, I heard movement very close to me. It was only a slight sound, but a sound nonetheless. Before the wind stopped, the NVA soldier touched the sole of my size 10 R Army-issue jungle boot. I heard a slight gasp of surprise from him..."

The book's title is: Across The Fence: The Secret War In Vietnam - Expanded Edition.
John has added more than 100 pages, new stories and 50+ photos, some never seen before.

The book is published by SOG Publishing. and can be purchased here http://sogchronicles.com/

The book costs $24.95 plus shipping. From London add $15 extra for shipping