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LRRP Rations



The LRRP ration (pronounced LuRP and standing for Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol ration) was a U.S. Army field ration, developed in 1966/1967 during the Vietnam Conflict (1959-75) for use by Special Operations troops on long patrols deep in enemy territory.

LRRP rations were designed to be lightweight and easily portable, a precursor of the U.S. military’s current Meal, Ready-to-Eat (MRE) field ration. It was a freeze dried, vacuum-packed meal packed in an 11 oz. foil pouch stored in a gray-green canvas envelope. Menus included chili, chicken stew, and even freeze-dried ice cream for dessert. The drawback was that 1.5 liters of water was required to cook and reconstitute them; troops usually just crumbled them up and ate them on the go. It was often mixed with canned C-Rations.

Lurp Rations were sometimes called "Long rats", the word "rats" being short for rations, while at the same time implying unpalatability by way of a pun with the rodent.

Shown in the picture are two types of rations issued to SOG teams during the Vietnam War.