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Show Report: Militaria 09
A 1report from the Militaria show at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire


A First World War display shpwing a field aid station, here the chaplain in charge

The Modern Forces team went to Militaria 09 last weekend for the first major militaria show of the year. Its held at the Stoneleigh Agricultural Show ground and in a large exhibition hall, which was handy as it was -4 outside...

There was about 300 stalls in attendance with dealers from across Europe both large and small. There were also some living History Groups in attendance with some very impressive displays.

There wasn't a huge amount of US Vietnam era Militaria but we picked up a few items for the team;

A deact Brandt 60mm Mortar, as used by some SOG heavy teams
Sling and straps for the above
Some webbing straps for a repro US Army Field Desk we are making for our displays this year
2 x NOS Mitchell Helmet Covers
2 x Mint Jungle Trousers, 3rd Pattern
3 s Green Berets, 5th Special Forces Flashes and Crests (thanks to Soldier of Fortune for great deal)
A Ka-bar Knife
M1944 Goggles, for a Son Tay impression

A set of 1908 pattern webbing, a Brodie helmet on a stretcher

A shot of the makeshift operating table

A Living history group portraying Pershings Doughboys in the Mexican Campaign against Pancho Villa.

A series of shots showing a 101st Airborne re-enactment group in the Ardennes campaign, note the bunker they had build and brought with them. Not to mention all those leaves...really impressive display (apart from looking a bit clean.