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Modern Forces:
A weekend of QCB training in Littlehampton

Gucci Paul and Killer discuss tactics

Well it was a cold a crispy February morning when MilSim Airsoft Team Modern Forces and East West Trading turned up for a weekend of tactical training at Ford Ranges in Sussex followed by taking on the local Worthing Airsoft unit on the Sunday.

Saturday was spent in training covering off the basics in the morning, such as Fire and Maneuver, moving in pairs and assaulting a fixed position. Then in the afternoon some Close Quarter Battle work and as darkness (and it was very very dark) fell we moved into ambush and counter ambush. You can see us training in the pictures.

Killer and the East West Stall

The night was capped of with one of killers signature veggie curries washed down with lots of cold lager (it was -6 so no fridge was needed) Most people slept in a what was basically a big shed and froze their n**ts off, Gucci Paul and Pooley cunningly pitched their tents in a nearby tent and were lovely and warm.

Ricky Posing on the range

Sunday brought along the battle royale where we took on Team Worthing in a full day skirmish, not sure who won as a number of people were not taking their hits (not on our side)

All told a good weekend and one to be repeated soon.

After Action Report over. Team Wrong Un AKA The Camo Collective.