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War & Peace 2012: Display Set-up:
This year was our biggest display sor far and we added a few new elements;

Airfield Control Tower: Dak To was an airstrip and the SOG launch site featured a control tower so this year we added this to our display.

Blast Wall: We complted the blast wall around the radio tent that is such a distintiove feature of the Dak To launch site.

We are in depted to the help of our resident SeaBee Ed Poole and his son Noah. We are also endebted to Ross Baker who drove the truck this year, not as big as his day job rig but still a 7.5 tonner. We couldn't do this display without them.

Build Weekend: A test run of the new tower in sunny Norfolk


Set Up: in the rain...

Stuck Truck Removal: it had sunk somewhat during the set up...

Take Down