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Military Odyssey 2012: The Display
A series of photos from this years Military Odyssey at the Kent County Showground

The show has been running for a number of years and covers all periods of history, its also faor to say its had a few issues over the years with fewer and fewer groups attending. The show now has new owners so we thought we would give it a go, its certainly a more relaxing affair than the 10 days of War & Peace. We put on a smaller display and focussed on a kit layout and demos of what a SOG trooper would carry on a typical recon mission.

The Display

Kit Display

A feature of our display this year was a kit display, laid out for inspection. What you can see on teh left hand side of teh image is the typical load out for a SOG recon team member. In this case the medic.

At the top is the webbing and CAR 15, the webbing holds at least 21 20rd magazines as wella s teh XM28 gasmask
Below this is the uniform consisting of sprayed fatigues, the items laid out here would be worn on the person including;
- Chest pockets: map, notebook, pencil/pen, signal panel, pen flares, compass and penlight
- Sleeve Pockets: V40 grenades and minismokes
- Trouser pockets: paracord, small knife, RT 10 survival radio
The Chestrig holds 6 30rd magazines and some dressings
The CISO indigenous rucksack contains: Sleep Shirt, CISO sleeping bag, binoculars, bandoleer of magazines, M3 medic bag, CISO bolo, smoke grenades, demo kit, spare PRC 25 battery, claymore and an RPD belt for the RPD gunner.

The right hand side of the ground sheet shows some weapons used by SOG, as well as a PRC-25 radio. The weapons include;

- M16A1 with AN/PVS2 Starlight Scope
- CAR 15 with M203 grenade launcher and Aimpoint scope
- CAR 15
- Cut down M79 grenade launcher
- Folding stock AK47
- Full stock AK47

Team Truck: Dodge M37