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War & Peace 2011: Brightlight Duty
Our theme this year was the Dak To launch site
and a team on Brightlight duty

One of SOGs missions during the war was what was known as Brightlight, this was the rescue of teams in contact or downed airmen in South Vietnam, North Vietnam, Cambodia or Laos. Dak To was used by teams from Command & Control Central (CCC) as its staging point for Brightlight teams, this was the theme of our display.

Here are some excerpts from the Brightlight SOP (copied from a copy of the actual SOG SOP) to give an understanding of this activity.

SUBJECT; SOP for Bright Light Team

A. Bright Light Assignment

1. The Bright Light Team will change over every Saturday.
2. The replacing B/L Team will be alerted on Wednesday mornings for
3. The replacing B/L Team will train for two days prior to assuming
Training will be conducted on the following subject:
a) Basic First Aid
b) Rappelling
c) Ladder Training
d) Hanson Rig Training
e) Destruction of downed chopper and air craft. (expediant methods)
f) L.Z. selections, for any type extraction.
4. The B/L Team will be checked out by CCC Medical personnel 24 hrs.
prior to assuming duties.
5. The B/L Team 10 will turn in a team roster of personnel and equip-
ment 24 hrs. prior to replacing B/L Team.

d) Primary and daily duties of B/L Teams while on Stand-by at
Launch area.
1) Police of Lauch area: bunkers, buildings, and area of
operation daily.
2) Refill water cans for supploy of Relay sites.
3) Daily maintenance of vehicles assigned to Lauch area (1st
echelon maintenance) check:
a)) water, oil, battery, gas
b)) brakes, tires
c)) clean
4) Help in resupply or arming of (gunships)
5) Care and maintenance of all weapons at launch area